25 March 2014

All the Way to the Other Ocean

so i haven't been here in awhile... life got a little busy there for a long time.  the good news is things are calming down, the better news is i have a cute new {house} to share with you all!  in the meantime however, i've been moving.  the new place is all the way across, almost to the other ocean! South Carolina, and i am loving it here so far.

hopefully in the next few days i can put up some pictures of the road trip.  we saw so much -
.........and by we i mean the pugs and i.

the grand canyon 


valley of fire state park

the painted desert and the petrified forest

roadside tomato stands

abandoned ghost towns

death valley

rt 66 and winslow az.  (yes we even stood on the corner)

 it was a great trip, we even camped one of the nights.  so hopefully i have a chance soon to share all of it.

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