15 July 2013

A Little Down Time

i got a little vacation time in the past week and a half, so i haven't really been knitting or online too much - but i did get to travel a bit.  my younger sister came out, so we did some sight-seeing, which was nice. 

i've driven {Big Sur} a few times, but this time i actually got to stop at {Nepenthe,} an amazing restaurant along the way.  we shared an awesome melon appetizer.  it had manchego cheese on top, almonds and some mint.  i love things that are a little different like that!!  

foggy highway one

i fell in love with the phone booth outside the restaurant

and of course the view!
anywho, we also went to {Henry Cowell Redwood Park,} which if you love nature, needs to be on your Cali -best of- list.

i'll have to put more up in a few days - apparently eating dinner and typing at the same time are not my forte! hopefully you'll get to see some San Francisco and more Santa Cruz!

a park guide's "badges" on his walking stick from places he volunteers
history as seen from a redwood tree ring

they go on forever!!

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