09 June 2013

Swiftly Speaking

i've wanted to get a yarn swift for awhile.

                   a looooong while.

but i never did because i didn't really need one.   i could usually get yarn wound in the store, and i rarely buy yarn online.  then in the past few months i'd gotten some yarn and forgot to have it wound.  so i made it into a nice functioning, little hand-wound ball.
mommy's little helper




and let me tell you - there was nothing fun about it.  no little { } internet hugs. just tired arms, tangled yarns and whole lot of 


weeeeeee! no more suckage!

then one day after googling diy designs i went on {etsy} and found the sweetest vintage swift from the {Via Dei Navigli} shop.  it's adorable -and- functional! which means i get to use it to...


and the shop still has two similar ones still available!

but lo and behold- every local store is sold out of ball winders, so i'll have to wait to put the fun in functional.

do you have any item that is not only functional but great to decorate with??  i'd love to see pictures!

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