30 June 2013

Pulla Loaf Outta Da Oven!

i haven't really been knitting much lately - but i do have quite a few things in my queue.  i hate casting on so its always hard for me to start right after i finish a bunch of projects.


i have been - eating.

a lot.

i really like baking {bread,} and a friend told me about this bread he had called finnish pulla bread.  it was seasoned with cardamom and goes with coffee.

egg wash? yes please!

seriously, how had i never heard about this???  i have a coffee problem and i love cardamom.

because what you really need- is a closeup of bread. :)

i'd been wanting to make it for awhile, and today i finally got my life together early enough in the day to do so.  this is the recipe i used, but i did change the bake time and doubled the cardamom according to what others did.  i'm glad i did, i could taste it, but just barely. i think i'm just used to the flavor from dumping it in my coffee in the mornings.

it is pretty tasty, if i must say so myself.  i think next time i would put the cardamom in the milk while it heats just to give it more of that cardamom kick, if you will.  i'd also make sure to not almost forget the eggs until the last minute. :)  i was worried it wasn't going to come out right, but it seems normal.

hopefully this inspires someone else to cook today!!

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