16 June 2013

Cinder n' Ash

i finished the cinder scarf awhile ago, i just haven't taken any pictures.  i got a new camera lens the other week and got in a mood to take some pictures.  unfortunately the photo session got cut a little short due to the {pugs} trying to eat some deer poo in the backyard.

here they are anyway!  in size huge... why? just because!

it was a nice knit.  just interesting enough but not too crazy.  i also liked the yarn, {quince & co.} osprey.  my favorite part is their color selection, but i also love equally that all their yarns are named after birds.  sometimes i can get into themes.  unless its pigs or chickens in someone's decorating scheme, but that's a whole other post! 
their owl yarn looks really yummy too.  i just might have to keep an eye out on {ravelry} for projects.  there aren't too many right now, just some hats and things.

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