23 June 2013

A Royal Purple Royal Pain

so saturday the yarn shop called and let me know that the ball winders were in and i could stop in to get mine.  i was pretty happy, i'd kept missing them when they were ordered. it was pricier than i thought it would be but the folks on ravelry assured me that i got an awesome winder.  

i was ready.  i was going to use it.  i was going to turn a hank into a dream.

it happened.



i threw it out and decided i wasn't going to deal with it.  then the ravelry people said it was worth it.
i pulled it out of the trash and started to untangle the beast.

it took me forever...... hours.

but i finally got to use the ball winder!!  i won't say that untangling that mess was worth the 7 or so (yes that is correct) hours that it took me.  but i guess at least i have a story about it.

the royal pain!
420 yards later, she acts like nothing happened
and a cool name for the {royal}.

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