30 May 2013

Simple Cowl

i've had this "simple" cowl in my ravelry projects forever.  in fact - if you actually look at the dates, i started in may of 2010 and finished it completely in may of 2013.  three quick years.  i got the art yarns mohair splash in the LYS tour in {Washington} years ago at the fancy Tricoter knit shop in {Seattle.}

i think what happened was that i wanted to undo the cast-on to create live stitches and then i tried to kitchener stitch the whole thing closed.

so it sat... and sat...
                                   ...and sat.
ironically it was in a state of 'unclosed-ness' for three years :)  i finally went back and picked up all those dropped little kitchener babies and settled for a less messy but slightly more evident three needle bind-off.

i am of sound opinion that something evident but well-executed is far better than something ill-done and even more poorly hidden.

so i sat at knit camp and just took my time and made it better.

much better.

sweet dreams!

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