27 May 2013


last week i got to be part of a fun knitting adventure in Los Padres Forest... a knitting retreat!  it was so much fun- there was nature, knitting, animals and food, what else could you ask for!?  not much!!  i got to camp out with some good food, even better company, and equally amazing woodsy goodness, all hosted by {Betty of Big Sur.}  stop by her site, she's an artist who sells her awesomeness locally (with a soon to be esty store too!)

but there aren't
etsy addicts here... ;)

i didn't get to take as many pictures as i wanted, but thats because we were busy chatting, knitting, and relaxing, so i am more than okay with that.  but here are some fun ones.
on the way!

up up up!
wonderful surroundings
our cozy group
our tiny (oopsigrabbedthewrongsize!) tent 
love these guys!

"why yes... i do love knitted cardigans, who told you??"

the fluffiest of old man pugs leaping like a maniac

"so what do you do AFTER you knit it??"

i love the intrigued look on his face.  gotta love a goat portrait!  i did finish a few things on the trip, and i got a new camera lens so there should be some actual knitting (with pictures!) on here in a few days :) 


  1. Wow it looks like a lovely place :)

    1. it was definitely an awesome adventure!! glad i got to go. now i'm hooked trying to find other knitting get-togethers!!! I see there are even cruises... :O