19 February 2013

Yarn Bowl Wonders

those of you who know me in real life know that i have a penchant for pretty things.  for the longest time i've wanted a yarn bowl, so of course i spent an inordinate amount of time on etsy looking for the perfect one.

another side note, yes, i confess... i do this often.
                        and ...looking some more.

just. to. make.      sure.
that there isn't one that i'll see later and wish i'd waited for.

because it happens, but we'll talk about that teapot later.

so anyway, i finally found one on BlueRoomPottery that was so wonderful, i knew for certain we would enjoy one another's company.

and we are.  it's even speeded up one project so far !

i hope you find her as charming as i do.  i might even have to make another stop at the blue room for a gift for some of the knitters in my life. *ahem* knitter.

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