14 November 2012

Twice as Nice

so although i haven't really finished my Cinder scarf... i'm going to start two new {projects.}  one is going to be the Lacy Baktus with some GGH Silk that i got on {clearance}...  i'm pretty excited about that.  i've had the yarn for a bit but couldn't seem to find the right project.

gotta love {yarn + wisdom,} always a win
so hopefully this project does secure and delight my inner self.  which is what im going for.

and so i did call this twice as nice.  because of the two projects.  obviously.

but... i decided that not only did i want the other project to have its own post- i wanted to put up some nice pictures to go with those nice words, and instead of fiddling... i'd rather knit.  and get the other project right, as it should be.  :)

because... well you'll just have to wait and see!

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