01 April 2012

Watkins Sheepkins

i would have to say that the only thing i don't like about Watkins is that auto correct would very much like to change his surname to Sheepskins.  as would many of my friends.  but he is a nice fellow who loves to have his picture taken everywhere.  seriously.  he really gets around.  when he isn't traveling, he is working as my knitting pouch, keeping all my little knitting notions together and safe.  he likes to tell people he is a bodyguard.

first sheep in space

the previous picture you saw of him is in DC.  he really enjoyed getting to see all the fun stuff.  he saw the air and space museum.

then he wanted to see capitol hill.  i think he was sad that the hill wasn't really a grassy knoll like he had imagined, but he was happy to be there anyway.

he also was happy about the flowers...

...and to see the pennsylvania pillar at the World War II Memorial.

as if all this wasn't enough, we were blessed today to visit a wonderful LYS call the Knitting Boutique in glen burnie, md.  he wanted the coffee mug, but i had already decided on the water bottle instead.  he had fun trying on some hats and getting some coffee before we left.  the ladies at the store were very helpful in getting the next project underway, not to mention the selection was outstanding.  lots of fun little bags and things for my souvenir shopping!

enjoying the Knitting Boutique


  1. Thanks for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed the shop.

  2. I do love your little Watkins! Thanks so much for coming by the shop, it was great to meet you. Genia (the blonde with short hair)

  3. It was nice to meet everyone too!! I really liked the shop, it is one of the few that has all the elements..friendly, adorable, great selection of yarn and trinkets. :) Watkins is fun; its a strange hobby but there is something about a picture of a big silly wooly grin that makes me laugh a little inside.