13 April 2011

Unwind, The Yarn Shop

one of my favorite yarn shops, after all the traveling and yarn tours, is definitely Unwind, The Yarn Shop, in fort walton beach just outside of destin, florida.  i don't always care for the layouts of many stores [read: cluttered, too small, too big, strange selection, no selection] but this little gem definitely stood out.

seriously though... a hand-thrown yarn bowl with lantern moon needles to adorn all those color-coordinated pink yarn balls? how does it not win the prize?

the shop isn't huge, however, there is no way you can call it small.  it has one of the most well thought-out selections i've seen.  a variety of everything, from artyarns/blue sky aplaca/rowan/ right down to a basket of -something- 'n cream (i always get the two mixed up) cotton for your washcloth-knitting-self.

Ellen, the owner, was very accommodating and stayed open while we browsed.  when it was time to checkout, i even ended up with a little clearance notebook for free ["it had been there so long!"]  now who doesn't like door prizes?!
my friend Rosa in mid-temptation!
one more time!

hopefully one day we'll get to visit again!!

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