25 April 2011

P is for Purse...or Procrastinate?

let me preface this by saying, if i don't want to do something... i usually don't.  and i really wanted to want to finish this bag.  i had gotten the Barton Bag pattern at Apple Yarns in bellingham, washington while on the yarn tour.  i really do {love} the bag itself, and the idea of felting something for the first time was really appealing, but it was a relationship destined for bumps from the start.  the pattern was hard to decipher / lots of seaming / a lot of repetition / and the sticky-feeling cascade eco + wool just wasn't doing anything for me.  but- i had already bought the button, had i not? so i had to go on, not for the children, but for the button.
other than the fact that putting wool into hot water
creates a terrible -sheep fart- smell, the whole
felting thing went well.

i am aware, however, that now is the time to confess:
i started it...


there, i said it.

so now we can move on to something a little more pleasant, like the fact that my friend said finishing this bag was a sort of like knitting vengeance.  what an interesting little idea that is.

knitting {vengeance}.

now, everyone knows a true lady loves a little vengeance every now and again. (especially with coffee.) so i think this bag and i might end up being friends after all.  who knew?

wonderwash tries to felt (the front loader won this time)


  1. It looks really good! Great job! I'm really glad the front loader works, I have been wondering for when I start my first felted project. Which, after your adventure, will not be this bag. :)

  2. you are hilarious kate! so glad you have a blog :)