14 March 2011

Spring is Springing.

one of my little side projects right now is trying to get some plants growing outside.  i'm doing pretty well so far, so let's just hope that the weather doesn't get as crazy as me!

a good friend of mine gave me this great vintage planter she had...  her and her husband are moving soon, so i am starting some forget-me-nots from seed.  my little memory plants to remind me of them!  some of the seeds were starting to come up, but i haven't seen them for a bit.  hopefully they get settled in their adorable little home and start coming up more.

i had also been looking for a nicer mister than the plastic one that was on my windowsill, and i stumbled upon that little glass atomizer on Etsy.  it's really cute, and definitely better than plastic!

1 comment:

  1. This time of year I love daffodils and tulips, Love the pot holders.