19 February 2011

No More Lonely Projects!

so my knitting project needs friends... or so i just learned.  i picked up some back issues of Interweave Knits, and read a great article, Start as many new projects as you can, in an old spring 2009 issue. it was written by knitwear designer Vicki Square and it's all about refusing to be "a hostage to the undone."  she talks about just having fun and being more creative, and not turning your knitting into a chore.  i really loved her article, and apparently a lot of other people have too... when i searched for a link to the magazine i found more archived posts than i expected!

i have trouble completing all projects in general, and knitting is one of the few things that i have been really good about finishing, so i've always stuck to working on one thing at a time out of fear.  but now i think i'll take ms. Square up on her offer, so hopefully soon you all will get to see some pretty pictures of fresh-on-the-needles knitting!!

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