27 March 2014

What Knitting Can't Do for You

i wrote this post a long time ago but never got around to putting it up.  so just for fun it was my knitting hiatus- along with some pictures of lake tahoe.  it's a sunset-

      e s r e v e r

i haven't been knitting much lately.  and by much i mean not really at all.  the past few months have been kind of different for me, so there's been lots of reflecting and reading.

i read {Man's Search for Meaning} by Viktor Frankl, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and now i'm working through The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt.  all of them are pretty good, and especially so if you are in the mood for a 'paradigm shift' of sorts.  nothing serious, i just like to try and look at life from a different angle every now and then.  especially when i can't see anything from where i'm standing :)

in between words and paragraphs i've also been going to the pool a lot, it's a little easier sometimes to go lost in the water instead of lost between stitches.  so that's why i haven't been around.

but i did take a nice trip up to visit lake tahoe.  i just kind of walked around, it wasn't summer or winter so there was no extreme sporting or anything.  just some pictures!

25 March 2014

All the Way to the Other Ocean

so i haven't been here in awhile... life got a little busy there for a long time.  the good news is things are calming down, the better news is i have a cute new {house} to share with you all!  in the meantime however, i've been moving.  the new place is all the way across, almost to the other ocean! South Carolina, and i am loving it here so far.

hopefully in the next few days i can put up some pictures of the road trip.  we saw so much -
.........and by we i mean the pugs and i.

the grand canyon 


valley of fire state park

the painted desert and the petrified forest

roadside tomato stands

abandoned ghost towns

death valley

rt 66 and winslow az.  (yes we even stood on the corner)

 it was a great trip, we even camped one of the nights.  so hopefully i have a chance soon to share all of it.

20 July 2013

San Franny

we also went to San Francisco for a little bit while i was on vacation.  we didn't get to see alcatraz, it was sold out for weeks, but hopefully i'll get to go back and see it one of these weekends.  we did nonetheless, get to tour a submarine, a merchant marine ship, and of course see the {golden gate}.  and clam chowder at pier 39? of course!  i won't, however,  lie to you, i like the chowder here in monterey much better!!

 the SS Pampanito sub

of course watkins had his picture taken

if you look closely, you'll see why watkins liked this one!
 one of the nice interns helped give us a tour of the ship, but i didn't really take many pictures.

 and of course...  it was so foggy and windy!!

15 July 2013

A Little Down Time

i got a little vacation time in the past week and a half, so i haven't really been knitting or online too much - but i did get to travel a bit.  my younger sister came out, so we did some sight-seeing, which was nice. 

i've driven {Big Sur} a few times, but this time i actually got to stop at {Nepenthe,} an amazing restaurant along the way.  we shared an awesome melon appetizer.  it had manchego cheese on top, almonds and some mint.  i love things that are a little different like that!!  

foggy highway one

i fell in love with the phone booth outside the restaurant

and of course the view!
anywho, we also went to {Henry Cowell Redwood Park,} which if you love nature, needs to be on your Cali -best of- list.

i'll have to put more up in a few days - apparently eating dinner and typing at the same time are not my forte! hopefully you'll get to see some San Francisco and more Santa Cruz!

a park guide's "badges" on his walking stick from places he volunteers
history as seen from a redwood tree ring

they go on forever!!

30 June 2013

Pulla Loaf Outta Da Oven!

i haven't really been knitting much lately - but i do have quite a few things in my queue.  i hate casting on so its always hard for me to start right after i finish a bunch of projects.


i have been - eating.

a lot.

i really like baking {bread,} and a friend told me about this bread he had called finnish pulla bread.  it was seasoned with cardamom and goes with coffee.

egg wash? yes please!

seriously, how had i never heard about this???  i have a coffee problem and i love cardamom.

because what you really need- is a closeup of bread. :)

i'd been wanting to make it for awhile, and today i finally got my life together early enough in the day to do so.  this is the recipe i used, but i did change the bake time and doubled the cardamom according to what others did.  i'm glad i did, i could taste it, but just barely. i think i'm just used to the flavor from dumping it in my coffee in the mornings.

it is pretty tasty, if i must say so myself.  i think next time i would put the cardamom in the milk while it heats just to give it more of that cardamom kick, if you will.  i'd also make sure to not almost forget the eggs until the last minute. :)  i was worried it wasn't going to come out right, but it seems normal.

hopefully this inspires someone else to cook today!!